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The roads to Tango

My journey through Tango is also crossed by other variants. I consider myself a dancer and Tango teacher but also a transmitter, communicator and fervent researcher of the new spaces Tango can take our body. Theory and practice were and will always be necessary to feed the infinite world of tango. But the theory is nothing without the experience and practice that gives dancing and being in contact with dancers and students from different places, customs and cultures.

I find it difficult to define myself in one or two words, to put myself a "title" that classifies me with a label. I am what my teachers left in me, and what people are giving me in each step. I’ve been dancing tango for 12 years and I’m passionate about this dance of two that connects us with the deepest of ourselves and with the other trough the Tango Embrace.

I started my Tango studies in 2007 in the company "Juan Carlos Copes" of  Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe- Argentina). After a year of training with the stable tango ballet, we travelled to Chile on tour to do shows in theatres and cultural centres of the South of Chile (Isla de Chiloe).

I continued studying in Rosario, dedicating myself exclusively to the technique of improvised Tango Salon, studying with different renowned professors in the city.


Parallel to a work of private and group classes and an intense training with my dance partner at that time, I did a Postgraduate Course in "Tango, Genealogy and History" at the Universidad FLACSO, by Gustavo Varela during the year 2010.

I finished my Bachelor studies as a Social Communicator at the UNR (National University of Rosario) and decided to settle in Buenos Aires to continue studying Tango with the best tango teachers. There I trained with the most outstanding dancers and I specialized in women technique and in the role of leader. Teachers who I studied with: Cecilia García, Mariana Dragone, Ariadna Naveira, Corina Herrera, Sebastián de la Vallina, Mariela Sametband y Alberto Colombo, Gastón Torelli y Moira Castellano, Chicho Frumboli y Juana Sepulveda, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Julio Balmaceda y Corina De La Rosa, Noelia Hurtado y Pablo Rodriguez, Melina Brufman y Claudio González, Ines Muzzopappa y Federico Naveira, among others.


A year after arriving in the capital of Tango, I made a trip to Europe where I taught and danced in different Milongas in Switzerland, France and Germany. On my return to Argentina, three months later, I set up my own space in Rosario called "Tinta Roja" where I gave private and group classes for three years and then opened up to other spaces and Milongas in and around the city.
I’ve given classes in English and Portuguese to people from all over the world and have done private shows for different events, some of them with live orchestras.


At the same time, I continued to deepen my studies in body, dance and movement in the academic field. That is how in 2012 I made the Postgraduate Seminar: "The Confines of the Body: Transversal Thoughts on Culture, Body and Subjectivity" taught by Professor Paula Drenkard at the UNR (National University of Rosary beads).

In 2013 I took the Postgraduate Seminar: "Corpomidia Theory. Political Commitments of the Relationship Body-Environment "dictated by Professor Dr. Helena Katz at UNR (National University of Rosario).


Nowadays I continue studying and specializing in body and movement techniques.
During these years I also studied classical dance, jazz, musicals and theater. I studied Musical Comedies in "Teatro El Círculo" in 2006 and participated in several shows, including "Chicago" and "Movie Night".
I was part of the cast of "El Bailongo", as a dancer and actress during 2008, participating in six performances held at the Rosario National Theater during the months of November and December of 2008, under the direction of Luis Fitipaldi.
In 2012 I participated in the production of "Matter Tango", a television program that broadcasted by Cablehogar, this being the only tango program in the city of Rosario.


I have experience in cultural management, shows production for different venues, Tango Shows with different musicians and Orchestras.
In 2014 I created the website "Tangorosario" where I wrote notes on the most important tango events in the city. Today the page is not active but you can find information on their Facebook fanpage.

In 2015 I performed at the Ross Tower Hotel for a Surgeons International Congress   with the orchestra "La Trifucla".
In 2016, I began a new journey in body research, starting the training in Dance Therapy in the studio of Maria Fux in Buenos Aires.


Currently I continue studying, soon to receive my degree in Dance Therapy.
I was a Teaching Assistant of the subject "Culture, Bodies and Identities" for the National University of Rosario (2017-2018)
I traveled to Europe for the second time in November 2018.  This time to Stockholm (Sweden) to teach in the different Milongas of the city and surroundings.


In April 2019 I travelled to Asia for the first time and I am currently still travelling to different countries and teaching in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.
I am also interested in researching other body techniques such as Gyrokinesis and Feldenkrais. I am an Ayurvedic masseuse and a passionate practitioner of yoga and meditation.


Currently, I continue to bring my knowledge about Tango wherever I go and I continue to deepen my studies in body and movement, as well as developing my artistic and creative career.

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